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"Tackling her personal journeys through bouts of mental illness, Hannah Byers’ debut EP Illuminated Dysphoria is a lyric driven record that’s draped in musical beauty."


"Teenage indie artist and Songwhip ally Hannah Byers explains the importance of a good first impression."

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"Hannah enjoys being able to take her darker emotions and translate them into lyrics that not only help herself, but help others."

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"She has kindly written a fantastic piece for this feature.  It is a searingly honest exploration of her writing process and what inspires her to write."


"In a new release from Hannah Byers, the artist gets very personal and very one-on-one and puts out a track that is emotionally driven and has a beautiful dynamic to it"


 The Music Industry is not easy at all but I can tell Hannah's doing really really well and I’m so looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for her.

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