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About Hannah Byers

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Hannah Byers is a songwriter, musician and mental health advocate currently based in New York.  Using her emotions to her advantage, Hannah writes from personal experience to turn dark moments into music worth being proud of. 

Amassing over ten thousand streams on her discography while she was only halfway through high school, Hannah Byers solidified her passion for music at an early age.  Hannah writes, records and produces her own music independently.  Using the extra time granted by the pandemic as an opportunity, Hannah released her debut single, "Hardest Goodbye" in July 2020.  

Hannah turned to writing as a form of expression when she was seven years old.  In elementary school, she spent her free time writing short stories and poetry. In the midst of teenage mood swings, Hannah picked up songwriting as a hobby in middle school.  Within minutes she knew she had found her passion.  

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Mental Health Advocation

Hannah Byers remains open about her experience with mental illness.  She believes in the importance of shedding light on the topic of mental health.  In conversation with the founder of The Noisy Brain Project Hannah said, "Taking someone else's battle and turning it into something worth being proud of, like music, is truly a gift."  Continuing with this idea in her own work, Hannah Byers released her debut EP, "Illuminated Dysphoria" in March 2022.  Touching on topics such as neglect, concealing emotion, and learning to accept yourself, Hannah portrays the journey of battling a mental illness.  In We Write About Music's review of this EP they said, "Relatable to so many who live with similar problems, Hannah has truly laid it all out there for anyone to connect the dots. Coming in at 6 total tracks, spanning right around 21 minutes in length, Illuminated Dysphoria serves as an open diary that takes chances with its themes, but is as cohesive as ever sonically." Hannah Byers stands as a role model to prove to her audience that despite challenges you face in life, you can still accomplish truly amazing things.

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